Douglas Patton "Business Dad": Vocals

Frank Brando "Golf Dad": Guitar

Randall Hayweather "Step Dad": Bass

Tony Sykes "Olympic Dad": Drums

Fathers Day is the best in domestic hardcore, punk rock, rock n' roll. Songs dads can relate to. Live shows can be both violent and highly entertaining.



Theordore "Jimbo" Jervsloski "Conspiracy Theory Dad": Drums (02/2012-07/2012)

Coach Slade "Little League Dad": Bass (09/2011-02/2012)

Andy Denver "Single Dad": Drums (04/2010-12/2011)

Juan Mendoza "PTSD Dad": Bass (04/2010-08/2011)

Jim Jack "Drunk Dad": Bass (10/2004-03/2010)

Sir Baldwin Pennyweather III "Classy Dad": Drums (10/2004-03/2010)

"Sperm Donor Dad": Guitar / Drums / Bass (10/2004-08/2006)




-Don't Touch The Thermostat

-You're Not Gay

-Duh Duh

-I Don't Fucking Think So

-It's Not Love (It's Dad Stuff)

-No Daughter Of Mine

-You Can't Do Anything Right
-Do The Dad
-This Really Happened
-My Property
-Nobody Cares
-You Can Tuck Yourself In
-Why Are You So Mad?
Spank The World
-Dad Deserves The Breast
-I'm A Dad

-America's Toughest Sheriff
-Stupid Dog
-I Was Looking At E-Bay
-Fight Like A Man
-Less of This More, More of This
-I Am Right, You Are Wrong
-Never Shave It Off
-She's Just A Friend
-Hard Workin Man
-You Don't Know What You're Talking About
-I Gotta Look My Best
-Are You Asleep Out There?
-Get A Haircut
-When Are You Gunna Grow Up?
-Did I Use The Word Divorce?
-When I Say "Woman" I'm Talking To You
-Jennifer Lilly
-Are You Sure The Child's Mine?
-Old Skull Tribute
-I Didnt Do That At Your Age
-I Hate My KIds
-Go To Bed
-Disney World
-I Love Tits
-Your Daughters A Slut
-I Can't Spend Time With You
-I Use To Be Loved
-You Lost My Screwdriver
-Fathers Day Theme
-I Have So Much Respect For Women
-I Like Your Mom
-Robert Denero
-BBQ Sandwhich Kiss (part 1, 2, 3, 4)
-This Is My House Too
-Pants On Fire
-My Son Went To NSA And Now I Hate Him For It
-My Sons A Gay
-Midlife Crisis Dad
-Your Music Sucks
-True Story

-Beat On The Brat (THE RAMONES)
-Surfin Bird (TRASHMEN)
-Every Girl's My Girlfriend (KIDS OF WIDNEY HIGH)
-I Don't Wanna Hear It (MINOR THREAT)


"Thrash-punk outfit Father's Day [will] make even the most thoroughbred punk say “nah, man.” [Fathers Day] touch mostly on childhood abuse and sexual misconduct and, while that may be someone's bag, this listener wasn't amused or intrigued."-Sonic Reducer (December 2012)

"...the members of Fathers Day are deplorable men... (they) are all misogynistic, racist, homophobic, bigoted arseholes... They advocate the beating of women (and children), celebrating Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "good" deeds for Arizona, and sending faggot-illegal aliens back to Mexico." - YabYum (July, 2011)

"There is a little American thing we cherish called “tough love” and no one dishes it out better than your own homophobic, black hearted daddy. Father’s Day from Phoenix are a hardcore band focused entirely on being bad dads that hate their wives and kids but for some reason sing their hearts out about it. " - Brian's Trip (March, 2009)